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What’s new at the Bottom line?

What’s new at the Bottom line?


Over the past 2 months, TBL has silently grown it’s team obtaining new additional offshore staffs who have been very impactful in the bottom line of our business.

Both from the Philippines, Bryan is an Accountant, his expertise and extensive experience in financial

analysis and expertise in managing complex financial transactions has helped him to get a deep

understanding of the financial principles and regulations.

Diana plays the role of Practice admin who manages the compliance and all the

administrative works of the firm. Her expertise revolves in working with ASIC Annual Statement, 

invoicing, work set up and coordination with team in completion of the tax works for the clients.

Having the new offshore team, we seamlessly blended our organization, working neck to neck and 

growing with passion and making an extraordinary team providing quality service to our clients. 

When finding members, we are always in fine edged for good energy, optimistic attitude and willingness to learn attributes that make them exceptionally trainable and versatile workers. 

Having Bryan and Diana as part of the Team in the last 2 months, we have felt and seen a reformed process by collaborating and hailing to their similar work experiences,expanding our horizons with brilliant ideas and extremities.


Bryan Musni - Accountant
Diana San Pedro - Practice Admin

                             More News!

We are excited to announce a new partnership aimed at providing you with even better service. While we no longer be offering mortgage broking directly, we are teamed up with a team of brilliant brokers to handle all your mortgage needs. This decision allows us to focus on what we do best- providing top-notch accounting services- while ensuring you have access to the most 

qualified mortgage professionals. We believe this collaboration will be a win-win for everyone. 

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Our new online document uploading services uses checklist and a two-stagge review procedure before lodgeing to provide maximum returns, convenience, time savings and peace of mind, Instead of having flashy offices, we leverage expert talent and state-of-the-art technology to provide outstanding service at a competitive price.

In order to continuously improve the service and resources we offer; we’ve made adjustments to our fee structure. These changes enable us to invest in new technologies, expand our team’s expertise and ultimately deliver even great value to our clients. 

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