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News on ‘robotax’

News on ‘robotax’

Victorian retiree Bill Murray was informed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) that he owed $419 without any further details. Upon inquiry, he discovered that the debt was related to a pay-as-you-go instalment from 2008. Murray expressed concern about the lack of specific information and the fact that the ATO had 15 years to deduct the debt from his refunds but hadn’t done so. Thousands of Australians received similar letters about historical debts, ranging from small amounts to substantial sums. This new initiative, dubbed “robotax,” has drawn comparisons to the flawed robodebt program. The debts, some dating back over 15 years, are classified as “on-hold,” meaning they are not immediately demanded for payment but are offset against future refunds and tax credits. Despite causing “unnecessary distress,” the ATO has paused the letter campaign but continues to pursue these debts from diligent taxpayers.

Information was sourced from the guardian.

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