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Types of Super Funds

Types of Super Funds

Choosing a superannuation fund can be confusing, here’s a good starting point…

  1. Industry Funds:
    • Run by industry associations or unions.
    • Tailored to specific industries.
    • Costs are usually low to medium.
    • Profits get reinvested for the benefit of members.
  2. In-House Corporate Funds:
    • Managed by a board of trustees chosen by the employer and employees.
    • Designed for company employees.
    • Costs are low (sometimes covered by employers).
    • Profits typically reinvested for members’ benefit.
  3. Public Sector Funds:
    • Governed by a board of trustees representing government employees.
    • Costs are low.
    • Profits reinvested for members’ benefit.
  4. Retail Funds:
    • Managed by financial institutions.
    • Available to anyone.
    • Costs vary (medium to high), but low-cost options exist.
    • Fund managers retain some profits, impacting returns.
  5. Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs):
    • Individuals or small groups (up to six members) manage these.
    • Ideal for those seeking more control over investment decisions.
    • High costs but potential for greater returns (profits are yours to keep).

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