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Technology in Post Coved-19 Pandemic World

Technology in Post Coved-19 Pandemic World

Technology is changing the work as we know it, it is now at the forefront of the battle for the economy and the battle for live, the battle against SARS-Cov-2 is a good example, we can see the governments around the world are utilising technology to battle Sars-Cov-2 and to halt the spread of Covid-19. In Australia the government has just launched an application which can track your exposures to any person with the disease.  Other European governments used WhatsApp location sharing capabilities to enforce quarantine measures. I find it really funny when people talk about privacy nowadays and accuse the governments of compromising privacy, well if you entrust Google with your emails, and Uber with all the places you visit and TikTok with you children. So, don’t worry too much about privacy because it doesn’t exist.

Digitising everything is the new norm today, and the way we do work is no exception, it has been said what could be automated will be automated, I don’t think we have the option not to embrace technology and make the most of what it has to offer to us, while managing the downside of it and its impact on our lives.

I can only see that to be the new trend in the post pandemic world, business owner and practitioners will have to embrace technology and make the most of what it has to offer, working remotely and on the go will only increase exponentially, decentralised business models and economic standalone bubbles will replace the current supply-chain and  “Just In Time” modules.

In the accounting industry, cloud accounting and cloud computing is only going increase in size and proportion, and every public practitioner will need to work on dumping out the old modules and working along his/her client to deploy technologies, and most importantly interpret the vast amount of data collected by new cloud accounting platforms to produce meaningful information to businesses.

Above all, everyone in business or public practice has to build his/her own futuristic predictions, identifying trends and reinvent the business module to match the rapid changes in different economic environment.   That’s what we do exactly at The Bottom Line Business Advisory we work closely with our clients to ensure they understand the changes in technologies and in the marketplace, support them to choose and deploy the right technologies, and develop the resilience required to carry on a business in such a dynamic and fluid economic environment we have nowadays.

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