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Strategies to deal better with debt

Strategies to deal better with debt

What do you owe?

First off, it’s important to list out all of your debts, and each of their due dates and repayment values.


You can get help!

There are multiple free services available to help you figure out a financial plan, before you make any decisions you may regret.

See the National Debt Helpline and Way Forward.


Working out cash flow

List all of the money you have coming in and going out, and add up the sums of each.

Additionally, create a list of needs and wants to see what expenses you can cut out, and where you can save.

Subtract the money going out from the money coming in. This is what you’ll use to repay your debt.



List out your debts, and prioritise the more important ones to pay back. For guidance on which to prioritise, the National Debt Helpline has your back.


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