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Do you need an accountant or a bookkeeper?!

Do you need an accountant or a bookkeeper?!

Time is changing! Most of accounting software are in the cloud and growing rapidly. The accounting profession is changing from compliance and taxation to becoming more commercial focused and value added profession. the boundaries between bookkeepers, accountants and CPAs are dissolving. Taxation and compliance are no longer the only focus!

A bookkeeper (the friendly helpful guy/lady) is typically a person who would process the day to day accounting entries, manages the business transactions, reconciles the accounts, etc. Despite

working closely with the businesses, a bookkeeper will always lack the skills, knowledge, education and experience to provide value added advice and will often miss the bigger picture.

An accountant (the guy who charges you by the hour) will usually finalise the financial reports, produce your tax return, have a tax planning meeting for the coming year, and when required s/he will provide audit, and statutory advice.

As you may have noticed the focus is on taxation and compliance. Tax, who wants to pay tax?! The thing is, when you focus on tax you lose the focus on “The Bottom Line”. Despite each $1 you save from your taxable income will only add 28.5-30 cents to your “The Bottom Line” while each $1 dollar increase in your revenue will add 70-71.5 cents to “The Bottom Line”. So, which one would you like to keep your focus on?

We have a dilemma now; the bookkeeper knows the business but doesn’t have the expertise to add value; the accountant knows the tax but doesn’t work closely with the business to add value (might only save taxes)

At the “The Bottom Line Business Advisory” we have the solution to this conundrum. Many business owners ask us why do you think you are different? And the answer is; we offer everything the bookkeeper and the accountant can offer but we also offer what they can’t.

Shoshana Zuboff has concluded in her first law “Everything that can be automated will be automated”; and we agree. We don’t resist the flow. We always do our best to make sure that everything that can be automated is automated; and that saves money…

At the “The Bottom Line Business Advisory” you get;

  • Your books maintained by CPAs.
  • You will get a proactive value added business advice.
  • We will effectively coordinate managing and planning your tax.
  • We offer accounting solutions and expertise that otherwise would only be available to big corporates.
  • There is no need to deal with two professionals to get your books, accounting and taxation done. We have the expertise and the technology to offer both.

Your business has no longer to deal with the gap between your bookkeeper and accountant. There is no wisdom in spending money on two jobs; when it is possible to get better services for the price of one. Why waste your time dealing with two service providers when it is possible to only deal with one. Why do you have to wait for your annual meeting with your accountant? Why shouldn’t you get a proactive value added advice here and now.

To summarise; why us?

  • We have the knowledge, education, technology & expertise to provide you with accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, and proactive business advice.
  • We are more cost and time efficient.
  • We always focus on the bigger picture, not only tax to improve “The Bottom Line”
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